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The differences in public attitude towards GM food technology influence GM food policy-making. Many scientists believe that the public attitude is not purely based on scientific evidence, but is influenced by different interest groups. The two major interest groups involved in the GM food policy debate can be clustered into the GM food-supporting and non-GM food-supporting groups, depending on their attitude towards the GM food technology.

The GM food group points to the high yields, environmental benefits, and potential for sustainable agricultural production. The non-GM food group, however, emphasizes the unconfirmed potential risks of genetic modification to human health and the environment. A stricter GM food policy would generate high welfare costs to countries that face food security issues, and possibly reduce a country's food self-sufficiency.

Also, different GM food policy regulations give rise to different national standards, differentiate agricultural trade markets, and result in trade disputes. Environmental policy regulates economic activity. To balance economic interests and environmental benefits, conservation policy is often needed for the protection of natural resources. Forests as a renewable resource provide both economic and environmental benefits. Forest conservation policy often requires governments to settle the trade-off between interests of the timber industry and the environmental benefit of maintaining parts of the forests.

Political conflicts may exist between a profit-maximizing timber industry lobby and an environmental lobby. An industry-biased conservation policy could cause faster exploitation of this domestic resource, while a stricter protection of the resource could result in profit reduction for the timber industry, but increase environmental benefits.

Application of Geography (GIS) In Biotechnology in Field Of Agriculture And Environment Essay

I discuss the relationships between food security and GM food policy regulations in Chapter 2. I develop a standard political economy model of GM food policy regulations and model GM food policy as the outcome of a GM-versus-non-GM food lobbying game. I find that stricter GM food policy has negative effects on three aspects of food security: availability, access, and utilization.

Politically determined GM food policy has a negative effect on the food security situation if lobbying is costly. The GM food lobby becomes more efficient in the political game than the non-GM food group when the country commits itself to improving its food security. If the non-GM food lobby is large and strong, it will make high lobbying contributions for stricter GM food policy, even when the country is food-insecure.

Chapter 3 studies the relationship between politically determined GM food policy and domestic food self-sufficiency. I first develop a theoretical model of a small-open economy and investigate the GM food policy. The government maximizes its own payoff, which is the weighted sum of social welfare and lobbying contributions.

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I take maize production in South Africa as an example for illustrating the politically influenced self-sufficiency rate. I find that the food self-sufficiency rate will decrease with an increase in GM food policy regulation cost. I also specify the mechanism of policy change in this small open economy case. I include changes in the lobby groups' sizes in the model, and assess the effect on food self-sufficiency.

Furthermore, we hope that such a competition would foster awareness of both the environment and how we could use biotechnology to contribute to sustainable development. In order for our young biotechnologists to write essays that are substantiated by scientific evidence, I am grateful that my colleagues in our sister journals have graciously agreed to offer complimentary journal access to all participants of the competition.

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The students are of course also encouraged to use other journals in the field. Three essays will be selected based on content innovative ideas on the role of biotechnology in a green economy and style of writing by a panel of independent judges, and published together in the forum section of Biotechnology Journal. Articles will thus be freely available to all — such publication in an internationally established journal will ensure the widest audience possible.

Assessment Criteria: Innovative ideas on how biotechnology could contribute to the green economy; style of writing.

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General guidelines: — words, optional one accompanying display element figure, table, or photo. Title should be short and relevant. Scientific statements should be supported by appropriate citations.

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Volume 7 , Issue 6. The full text of this article hosted at iucr.

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If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Biotechnology Journal. Forum Free Access. From here, the information can be used in statistical analysis to estimate cropland under grain cover.

There are numerous challenges facing proper utilization of GIS in this agricultural field. The preferred GIS model is complex and utilizes complicated strategies. Additionally, this process faces other computational problems and finally it is expensive and may be not applicable in areas with poor economical background.

Other issues concerning application of GIS in biotechnology include the ethical concerns surrounding use of biotechnology. Many people have not come into terms with use of biotechnology and in as much as GIS is there for improvement of food production, it may be impossible to implement it in areas where biotechnology is not welcomed.

On the other hand, GIS has played key role in promoting biotechnology and food security. It has become easier to study arable lands for improvement of production.

What is biotechnology?

In contemporary times, GIS is becoming a common place across diverse fields. In biotechnology and agriculture in general, GIS has come with numerous advantages.

With GIS, the South African government has successfully estimated cropland planted with grains to predict how these lands can sustain grain requirements in the country. Biotechnology is then used to foster productivity of the surveyed lands. On its own, biotechnology would not sustain and assure food security in South Africa because there could not be estimates of what is required. The vector model of GIS has been used widely in these studies given its three dimensional nature of analyzing geographical settings.

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Several processes are involved starting with obtaining satellite imagery, through digitalizing crop field boundaries and designing point frame to aerial survey and statistical analysis. However, this process is expensive and time consuming given the complex nature of vector data structures and the required resources. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99 ; 35— Geological Survey Open-File, Report 03— You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

You can donate your paper here. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Updated: May 16, Introduction Geographic information systems GIS have found widespread applications in many diverse fields as the number and range of such applications continue to increase with GIS extending to other fields. Check the price of your paper.